(This is the only category that includes L.A., Dallas, Philadelphia, D.C., Palm Beach, London, Australia, New Zealand, and possibly & India)

  • Your choice of 10 Premieres to sponsor
  • Signage on the Red Carpet, press releases, logo
  • 10 VIP Tickets to each screening, premium seating, party
  • 10 general admission tickets to each screening.


  • Signage on the Red Carpet at 10 Premieres, logo on related press
  • 10 VIP tickets to each screening and party with  premium seating
  • 10 general admission tickets to each screening.


  • Signage on the Red Carpet at 5 Premieres, logo on related press
  • 8 VIP tickets to each Screening and party with premium seating.
  • 8 general admission tickets for film only.


  • Red Carpet signage at two Premieres, logo on related press.
  • 6 tickets to each VIP Screening and Gala.
  • Premium seating for 6.
  • 6 general admission tickets for film only.


  • Red carpet signage at 1 premiere.
  • Logo on press releases.
  • 6 tickets to VIP screening, premium seating and Gala
  • 4 general admission tickets to film only.


  • Signage as GALA Party Sponsor.
  • Logo on press releases.
  • 4 tickets to VIP Screening and Party.
  • Premium seating for 4.

(underwriting primarily)

  • 2 VIP tickets, seating and party, interior signage.
  • Underwrites tickets for 15 survivors of BRCA-caused cancer to attend the movie and Gala


  • 2 tickets to VIP Screening, premium seating and Gala, interior signage
  • 2 general admission tickets

PATRON TICKET: $1,000 [Excluding LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Palm Beach, & D.C.]

  • Individual VIP ticket for the screening of your choice.
  • Premium seating and Gala.
  • Interior signage.

For additional & greater possibilities please contact [email protected].


MAKE A DONATION by mailing a check to

BRCA Gene Awareness Inc

 3831 Turtle Creek Blvd. #5B    

Dallas, Texas 75219




Charity Partners






The Cancer Research Racquet

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