The medical journal, The Lancet, has just published an article entitled ”  The article begins:

There’s a game that some of us have played from time to time: which actor should be me when they come to make the film? Whether Professor Mary-Claire King of the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington, in Seattle, has ever ruminated on this question I can’t say. No matter. There’d now be no point because she knows the answer. A film featuring her pioneering work on inherited breast cancer has already been made, and she’s played by Helen Hunt. While this is not the kind of recognition that most academics expect, in King’s case you could argue it is entirely appropriate. “She’s very conscious of the role of genetics in society”, says Oxford University’s Professor Kay Davies, pointing out that King’s interest in genetics is by no means confined to the lab. “She cares a lot about getting genetics into the clinic, into the community.”

Geneticist Dr. Mary-Claire King (pictured left) spent years researching and discovered the BRCA-1 gene and its mutation which causes breast and ovarian cancer. The movie intertwines the story of Dr. King’s struggle and exhaustive efforts to find the genetic link, and the personal story of cancer survivor Annie Parker.

The film inspired by King’s work, Decoding Annie Parker, is currently showing in the United States between now and October 25th in a special series of to raise public awareness and money for cancer research and breast and ovarian cancer charities.   Be sure to look for DECODING ANNIE PARKER SCREENING NEAR YOU!

Dr. King describes the film “‘as a beautifully done recreation of the history of cancer patient Annie Parker(pictured right with Dr. King). “It is far more her story than mine”, she adds.'”

Director/screenwriter Steven Bernstein (pictured right) and his son Adam(screenwriter) are the ones who have worked for six years to bring this amazing story of these two irrepressible women to life–with the goal of creating far greater public awareness and raising money for this important health issue and to increase survival from this otherwise deadly problem.

The film has an all-star cast!   They believe in the cause also, and they are helping in many ways.

Actor , who does a great job and adds wonderful humor to the story is already tweeting about it!  See him with us on the Pink Carpet in Los Angeles and help raise money for the cause on September 17!

Samantha Morton, who plays Annie Parker, has already won BEST ACTRESS at the Seattle International Film Festival for this role, and of course, Helen Hunt, who portrays Dr. King, is already an Academy Award winning actress!   The Fantastic Stars are pictured on the left!