Decoding Annie Parker Releases on May 2! Read on to see how to bring it to a theater near you!

Ok. Things are happening quickly now. Here are the first cities where our film is opening on May 2nd:

1. Los Angeles – Sundance (Sunset 5),and AMC Burbank

2. New York – AMC Empire

3. Seattle – Sundance

4. Houston – Sundance

5. Phoenix – AMC Arizona Center

6. Chicago – AMC TBD

7. Philadelphia – AMC Neshaminy

8. Boston – AMC TBD

9. Miami – AMC Aventura

10. DC – AMC TBD

11. Atlanta – AMC Barrett Common

Please, lets sell these out so we can platform our film to the rest of the country. In the meantime, if you don’t see your local theater here, there is an alternative. We are working with a company called Gathr. Their link is below. They can book a screening for your group (or just a group of friends) to see our film in a local theater in virtually any community in America. The minimum is 50 tickets. We want to be in 100 cities between now and May 2nd. So please reach out to Gathr right away. Here is their website. Very exciting days. We won’t get another chance to get our message out. Please join us.  



quoted in full FROM HIFF


Director Steven Bernstein to receive the $25,000 Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize for his feature film Decoding Annie Parker.

The Hamptons International Film Festival and The Sloan Foundation are thrilled to announce that the recipient of the $25,000 Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize is director Steven Bernstein. His feature film Decoding Annie Parker stars Helen Hunt (The Sessions), Samantha Morton (John CarterThe Messenger) andAaron Paul (Breaking Bad).

On October 11, a screening of the film will be followed by a panel discussion about cancer research and the ethics surrounding genetic trademarking.

Helen Hunt in ‘Decoding Annie Parker’

Founded in 1934, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is a non-profit philanthropy that makes grants in science, technology and economic performance. The Foundation’s film program encourages filmmakers to create more realistic and accurate stories about science and technology and to challenge existing stereotypes about scientists and engineers in the popular imagination.

“We are honored to partner with the Hamptons International Film Festival in awarding Steven Bernstein’s powerful new film, Decoding Annie Parker, this year’s Alfred P. Sloan Foundation-Hamptons International Film Festival Feature Film Prize,” said Doron Weber, Vice President, Programs at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

He continued, “In its unsparing, clear-eyed depiction of the scourge of breast cancer on one remarkable woman’s life and its role in helping another remarkable woman make a major scientific discovery, this film shows how stories of science and technology cut to the heart of our human ability to triumph over the most overwhelming odds.”

Samantha Morton in ‘Decoding Annie Parker’


East Coast Premiere
Director: Steven Bernstein
Cast: Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton, Aaron Paul

Annie Parker (Samantha Morton) finds our she has breast cancer, a devastating blow to a woman who’s already lost her mother and sister to the same disease. Mary-Claire King (Helen Hunt) is a geneticist researching the still unknown link between DNA and cancer in the wake of skeptical colleagues and funding challenges. The journey of these two woman meet in Steven Bernstein’s powerful new film. Based on a true story, Bernstein’s film catalogues Annie’s and Mary-Claire’s personal and emotional struggles with delicacy and humor, crafting an inspiring human story at the center of a monumental breakthrough in medical science.

For its searing dramatization of one woman’s personal heroism and another woman’s scientific dedication that led to groundbreaking 1990 discovery of the BRCA1 gene responsible for many breast and ovarian cancers, and for several exceptional performances, the 2013 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Feature Film Prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival goes to Steven Bernstein‘s powerful feature film, Decoding Annie Parker.

Director Steven Bernstein and special guest experts in the fields of genetics and cancer research will convene for a post-screening panel discussion about the film’s history, themes, and issues.

Steven Bernstein is an award-winning cinematographer who began his career in the UK in music videos and commercials. A winner of the Cannes Golden Lion, Bernstein’s career spans three decades; his work on groundbreaking projects includes the multi-award winning feature Like Water For Chocolate and the Oscar-winning film Monster, starring Charlize Theron. As an author, his textbook on filmmaking, Film Production, was the largest selling book about film production for over a decade, and has been translated into several languages and is still used in universities around the world. Bernstein designed the unique distribution model used for the launch of Decoding Annie Parker, and with charity partners the film has raised money for cancer research while screening worldwide. Decoding Annie Parker will be released in theaters this fall in the US, as Steven Bernstein begins production as a writer and director on his next film, Dominion, about the life and final day of the poet Dylan Thomas.

NEWS FLASH: Decoding Annie Parker SELLING OUT Charitable Screenings!

DECODING ANNIE PARKER, the feature film by Steven Bernstein, is selling out the theaters for its charitable screenings as it travels around the country to raise money to research and end breast cancer.

We SOLD OUT the DGA on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles Tuesday evening, and the packed house loved the film! The money raised from that event and three more goes to benefit FORCE–Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered.

London Ontario sold out tonight’s screening. The packed house includes more than 300 people all wearing pink boas!

Washington D.C. is almost SOLD OUT . Channel 9 will broadcast live from the red carpet!

Scottsdale is already rumored to be a sell-out. Buy your tickets from our event calendar links while you can!

We’ll post pictures as soon as they are available!  Check our event page for an event near you, and be sure to see DECODING ANNIE PARKER!

Also see the live coverage of the red carpet in Los Angeles here.



Benefit Screenings Tuesday in Austin, Texas; Thursday in Boise, Idaho

Benefit screenings of Decoding Annie Parker will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd in Austin, Texas at the Marchesa Hall Theatre  and Thursday, Sept. 5th in Boise, Idaho at The Flicks. Director of the film Steven Bernstein, will be present at the Austin Premiere.

BRCA Gene Awareness is hosting the screenings to raise money for the Texas Breast Cancer Resource Center and the American Cancer Society Action Network in Idaho.

Click on the pictures below for more information:



See THE LANCET Article About Dr. Mary-Claire King and DECODING ANNIE PARKER!

The medical journal, The Lancet, has just published an article entitled “Mary-Claire King: Taking Genes Beyond the Lab.”  The article begins:

There’s a game that some of us have played from time to time: which actor should be me when they come to make the film? Whether Professor Mary-Claire King of the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington, in Seattle, has ever ruminated on this question I can’t say. No matter. There’d now be no point because she knows the answer. A film featuring her pioneering work on inherited breast cancer has already been made, and she’s played by Helen Hunt. While this is not the kind of recognition that most academics expect, in King’s case you could argue it is entirely appropriate. “She’s very conscious of the role of genetics in society”, says Oxford University’s Professor Kay Davies, pointing out that King’s interest in genetics is by no means confined to the lab. “She cares a lot about getting genetics into the clinic, into the community.”

Geneticist Dr. Mary-Claire King (pictured left) spent years researching and discovered the BRCA-1 gene and its mutation which causes breast and ovarian cancer. The movie DECODING ANNIE PARKER intertwines the story of Dr. King’s struggle and exhaustive efforts to find the genetic link, and the personal story of cancer survivor Annie Parker.

The film inspired by King’s work, Decoding Annie Parker, is currently showing in the United States between now and October 25th in a special series of charitable events to raise public awareness and money for cancer research and breast and ovarian cancer charities.   Be sure to look for DECODING ANNIE PARKER SCREENING NEAR YOU!

Dr. King describes the film “‘as a beautifully done recreation of the history of cancer patient Annie Parker(pictured right with Dr. King). “It is far more her story than mine”, she adds.'”

Director/screenwriter Steven Bernstein (pictured right) and his son Adam(screenwriter) are the ones who have worked for six years to bring this amazing story of these two irrepressible women to life–with the goal of creating far greater public awareness and raising money for this important health issue and to increase survival from this otherwise deadly problem.

The film has an all-star cast!   They believe in the cause also, and they are helping in many ways.

Actor Chad Lindberg, who does a great job and adds wonderful humor to the story is already tweeting about it!  See him with us on the Pink Carpet in Los Angeles and help raise money for the cause on September 17!

Samantha Morton, who plays Annie Parker, has already won BEST ACTRESS at the Seattle International Film Festival for this role, and of course, Helen Hunt, who portrays Dr. King, is already an Academy Award winning actress!   The Fantastic Stars are pictured on the left!

More SCREENINGS & Charity Partners!

We have added several more screenings of DECODING ANNIE PARKER to our event calendar in Charity Partnerships with:             

  • Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas – in Austin September 3


  •  OF IDAHO in BOISE, home town of Aaron Paul on September 5




  •   in BUFFALO, home town of Director/Screenwriter Steven Bernstein, September 26







DECODING ANNIE PARKER has been invited to be the Centerpiece Screening in a special benefit premiere as part of the New Orleans Film Festival on October 16! It will be preceded by a  charitable fund-raising reception with special guests.  Stay tuned for more details!


Our first sponsor for this event is the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery, and the event is on National Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day. One of the beneficiaries of the charitable screening is BREASTORATION.


Share Your Story To Help Others!

  1. Teppi Jacobsen who blogs for the Chicago Tribune is focusing on BRCA Gene Awareness the entire month of October Her blog, “When You Put it That Way” is on the Tribune site

    BRCA positive herself, Teppi is  collecting stories from women who have tested for the gene, positive or negative,  and she would like to share with others what they went through, how the results have affected their lives and any information that would help inform, encourage and empower others

    Many of you have been so kind to share your stories with us.  Teppi can reach thousands of people.  If you are willing to write her, her email address is  [email protected].

See What Friends Are Saying About DECODING ANNIE PARKER from our Charitable Premieres!



Here’s a sample of what people had to say about the movie:

“Thank you Mr. Bernstein for making this film. I am a perfect example of this story.”  Susan D. Strauss

“I went to the preview in Chicago of the movie and it ws amazing. The BRCA gene ran in my wife’s family. My wife Elise died after a 20 year battle with breast and ovarian cancer. This film is the story of a cancer survivor and the researcher who discovered the genetic cancer link. A must see for anyone with a genetic cancer or other disease. This film shows the courage of a cancer survivor and special pain associated with genetic cancer that can ravage a family.   Ira L Shapira

” The New Erin Brockovich Film. Sooo Moving. Everyone should see it. Loved Samantha Morton’s as Annie. What a thrill to meet the real Annie Parker. You have so much courage!”   Deborah Ann Megel

What an inspiring story! Really enjoyed every minute.”  Randy Newby

It is a must see ladies and gents! AMAZING story, film, and dedication to BRCA. The director, Steven Bernstein, has a story of the about the making is incredible. This is a chance of a lifetime to educate and get the word out about BRCA. The actor’s passion for the cause is real. And the real Annie Parker is one of the most caring, sincere, and extrordinary person you will ever meet.”  Tracy Kaad Snyder

” I was so moved by this movie!” Maureen Partynski

What a great movie! Serious subject matter handled with levity, grace and inspiration!! Thank you Steven Bernstein, Annie Parker and the amazing cast!!!! Everyone can benefit from seeing this film, we all have genes.”   Darci Tosch O’Connell

” It was an extraordinary film! Thank YOU!!” xo  Rachel Strzycki

” It was a powerful statement about cancer and moved my heart in many ways.”  Elaine Lennox

“I also want to thank Steve Bernstein for his remarkable film. I have great respect for his tenacity and commitment over the 6 years that it took to bring this film to the public.”.Mike Reed

“Thank you for bringing this special film to Rochester! It was a touching event and this film captured the reality of the cancer journey.”  Gail Turzillo  

“Very inspiring and moving!”  Doris Gaspar

Love it!”  Nicole Escanelle Willis

“Absolutely fabulous movie based on a real life hero with a fantastic director. Academy Awards, here it comes!”  Tricia Reddick Carey

I hope people continue to talk about and promote this film, it was incredible! Laced with humor, tears, hope and fear….just like life itself. It is a meaningful reminder that our commitment to beat cancer requires everyone to be as determined as Annie Parker!” Tammy Gurowski

“Thank you for sharing your story, bringing it to the screen, and sharing your time with us tonight. It was a very powerful, well told story of persistence and determination in the face of adversity.”  Karin Dykeman

“This is an amazing movie…about 2 amazing women who persevered and believed in themselves. A powerful story. . .”   Cheryl Yaeger Adas    

“Decoding AP is a force of nature!!!”  Diana Basso

” I have the BRCA1. My mother and grand mother died young of Cancer. Having been through cancer and many surgeries myself as did my twin sister. this movie did a perfect job depicting the emotions that go along with the fears, uncertainties, emotions and relationships difficulties one goes through dealing with all of this! I just can’t believe how this movie felt like my life! I even went to a lecture of Mary’s in 2006 searching for answers and validation! My sister and I met her and it felt just like the movie! I still cant believe this movie was made! I am so happy and grateful to you Steven Bernstein! Every person on this planet who has a family history of Cancer should run and see this amazing film! The acting was so real!”  Kimberly Leigh Lavarello

At the SIFF filming last night, it was amazing. Took my 20 year old son who liked it too. Strong story telling. Excellent film.” Molly Seaverns         

Anne Parker, Dr. Mary Claire King, and Director/Screenwriter Steven Bernstein @ SIFF Egyptian Theater


  • Boston College BRCA Study

    There are many underrepresented groups that are often excluded from the discussion about hereditary breast cancer and the BRCA 1/2 gene mutation. We want to learn more about male and diverse female population experiences with breast cancer and the BRCA 1/2 gene mutation in order to give these groups a chance to voice their stories.

    Are you a male or a female of color who:
    -has a family history of breast cancer and/or is at high risk for the BRCA 1/2 gene mutation?
    -has been genetically tested for the BRCA 1/2 gene mutation?

    If you answered yes to either of these questions, we hope you will participate in our short confidential survey that asks about your experiences. Please follow this link to read more about the study and take our 20-30 minute survey.

    We hope you will take the survey and pass on the information to others who fit the criteria in order to contribute valuable information to our study. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Dr. Hesse-Biber at 617.552.4139 or email [email protected].

    BRCA Survey

    BRCA Survey