Ok. Things are happening quickly now. Here are the first cities where our film is opening on May 2nd:

1. Los Angeles – Sundance (Sunset 5),and AMC Burbank

2. New York – AMC Empire

3. Seattle – Sundance

4. Houston – Sundance

5. Phoenix – AMC Arizona Center

6. Chicago – AMC TBD

7. Philadelphia – AMC Neshaminy

8. Boston – AMC TBD

9. Miami – AMC Aventura

10. DC – AMC TBD

11. Atlanta – AMC Barrett Common

Please, lets sell these out so we can platform our film to the rest of the country. In the meantime, if you don’t see your local theater here, there is an alternative. We are working with a company called Gathr. Their link is below. They can book a screening for your group (or just a group of friends) to see our film in a local theater in virtually any community in America. The minimum is 50 tickets. We want to be in 100 cities between now and May 2nd. So please reach out to Gathr right away. Here is their website. Very exciting days. We won’t get another chance to get our message out. Please join us.